Need a reliable cleaner for your home in Ipswich?

Everyone  loves  coming  home  to  a  house  or  apartment  that’s clean, tidy  and  warm  –  but just  how  much  time  does  anyone  have  to make  sure  that  their  dwellings  are  sparkling from top  to  bottom?   Home  cleaning  can  be  a  real  chore,  especially  if  you  are  having  to fit  it around  your  work  schedule  or  looking  after  the  kids  –  why risk  losing  any  more  time  on the  nitty  gritty  jobs  when  you  can arrange  for  a domestic cleaner to  come and  do  them  for you?

Maid2Clean  is  proud  to  be  able  to  provide  thorough  and  reliable cleaning assistance for homes  in  and  around  Ipswich  and  the  wider Suffolk  area.    If  you’ve  been looking  for  cleaners  in  Ipswich  or  are struggling  with  keeping  your  home  clean  and  tidy  on a  regular basis,  we’ll  be  more  than  happy  to  set  up  a  regular  schedule  with you  from  just £11.50  per hour  –  or,  if  you  simply  need  a  one-off, deep  clean,  we’ll  only  be  too  happy  to oblige!

Our  talented  cleaners  are  passionate  about  what  they  do  and  we only  ever  work  with  the best we can find –  all  of  our  staff  are  fully vetted  and  the  cleaning  you  pay  for  will  be  the  cleaning  you receive  – each and  every  time! Ipswich  homes  in  need  of  regular cleaning  or deeper  attention  only  ever need  to  get  in  touch  with us once  to  set  up  with  a  friendly, local  cleaner  who  knows  all  of the best  tricks  to  get  out  even  the  toughest  of  marks  and to  tackle the  highest  piles  of ironing. That’s  right  – we’ll  sort  your  ironing out  for  you, too!

Anyone  looking  for  home  cleaners in Ipswich only  ever  need  apply to  us  –  we  love  what  we do  and  with  a  focus  on  taking  the  hassle of  cleaning off  your  plate  and  your busy  schedule, you  can  rely  on us  at  a  fraction  of  the  cost  you  can  expect  to  pay elsewhere. Why stress yourself  out  with  menial  chores  when  you  can  hire  someone happy to  take  on  the  tasks for  you?

Get  started  with  us  today  by  calling  free 0800  878  6388  –  or  fill out  our  online  form  with any specific  needs  you  may  have.    We’ll get  back  in  touch  with  you  and  will  pair  you  with one of  our  finest  –  meaning  that  you  can  look  forward  to  a  cleaner,  crisper  home  in  just  a few days. What  are  you  waiting  for? Let  Maid2Clean  make  sure  your  home  looks  its  best when  you  are  on  your  way  home  from  work!

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Affordable and Reliable Domestic Cleaners

Whether you’re looking for a regular cleaner or a ‘one off’ clean, we’ll match the perfect cleaner to you needs.

What Our Customers Say

Women commenting on cleaning
Very happy with friendly cleaners and great administration support. Thank you. We often recommend you to our friends.
— Mrs Chapman
Man talking about home cleaning
We are very happy with the cleaner M2C chose for us, their work is great. The admin team have also been really helpful. Thanks.
— Mr & Mrs Wells

Ipswich House Cleaning Services.

Let us do the hard work so you can spend more time with your family

We offer:

  • Regular house cleans

  • ‘One off’ home cleaning

  • Ironing services

Regular cleaning – starting from just £12.50 per hr

Just tell us what you want and we'll get it done. We always give you the opportunity to meet your cleaner before any work starts, so you can have a chat about what you need and to see if they are suitable.

Once you’re happy, the same cleaner will visit each week, but you can of course change your cleaner at any time.

‘One-off’ clean

Our ‘one-off’ cleaning service is perfect for a deep spring clean, or cleaning up after a special event.

This can be anything from 2 to 5 hours (per cleaner, per visit) and, as with our regular clean, the cleaner will use your products, equipment and materials.

Request a free call back

For a free callback or email simply leave your name and a form of contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Our Ipswich cleaners are the best you can buy. 


Our talented cleaners are passionate about what they do and we only ever recruit the best – all of our team is fully vetted and you can be assured that when he/she arrives at your home, you are meeting someone who has passed all our checks and received a home interview too - we like to see how our cleaners look after their own homes before we send them to yours! Ipswich homes in need of regular cleaning or deeper attention only ever need to get in touch with us once to set up with a friendly, local cleaner who knows all the best tricks to get out even the toughest of marks and to tackle your ironing too.  

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Is Maid2Clean right for you?

Anyone looking for Ipswich home cleaners only ever need apply to us – we love what we do and with a focus on taking the hassle of cleaning and tidying off your plate and your busy schedule, you can rely on us at a fraction of the cost you can expect to pay elsewhere.  Why stress yourself out with menial chores when you can hire someone happy to take on the tasks for you?

Get started with us today by calling 0800 878 6388 – or fill out our online form with any specific needs you may have.  We’ll get back in touch with you and will pair you with one of our finest – meaning that you can look forward to a cleaner, crisper home in just a few days.  What are you waiting for?  Let Maid2Clean make sure your home looks its best when you are on your way home from work!


Telephone: 0800 878 6388 free from your landline
Telephone: 0330 010 6388 included in your mobile minutes